Dr. Ulrich Dauer, Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ulrich Dauer, Chief Executive Officer

Ulrich joined Ventaleon in April 2017. He is a biotech entrepreneur and for more than two decades, he has held management positions in the biotech industry. Ulrich’s professional track record comprises multiple licensing partnerships with a combined deal volume of more than 300 m EUR, private and public placements of 160 m EUR including an IPO and an M&A transaction with a deal volume of 130m EUR. Ulrich holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Würzburg, Germany.



Dr. med. Sebastian Canisius, Chief Medical Officer Dr. med. Sebastian Canisius, Chief Medical Officer

Sebastian is a physician by training and has gained substantial experience in the areas of pulmonary and sleep medicine during the early years of his career. He has a background, over 15 years, in clinical development. His expertise specifically focuses on the areas of clinical trial design, conduct of interventional and non-interventional clinical studies through Phase I to IV, analysis and presentation of trial results as well as creation of marketing authorization applications for the European and U.S. markets. Currently he is responsible for the clinical strategy at Ventaleon.
In addition to his clinical development experience, Sebastian has built up profound skills and knowledge in drug safety and was responsible, as the qualified person for pharmacovigilance (QPPV), for the design and implementation of the pharmacovigilance system masterfile (PSMF) for two mid-size pharmaceutical companies.



Dr. rer. nat. Karlheinz Nocker,  Project Manager Clinical Studies Dr. rer. nat. Karlheinz Nocker, Project Manager Clinical Studies

Karlheinz studied at the Justus – Liebig university in Giessen and obtained a PhD in chemistry, he is working over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry in different roles, especially as Project Coordinator and Manager for clinical studies and funded projects.
He joined Activaero in 2009 and was responsible for the clinical project management and study execution, along with all related logistic activities and the set up of internal and external structures involved in clinical studies including drug development in cooperation with external partner.
After the Ventaleon foundation in June 2012 Karlheinz was responsible for the conduct and set up of the Influenza Program and the first proof of concept study in this indication which was successfully finalized in 2015.


Rolf Naumann, Innovation & Funded Projects Rolf Naumann, Innovation & Funded Projects

Rolf studied at the Technical College in Kassel qualifying in the area economy and administration and has many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  He joined Inamed GmbH in 2001 and Activaero GmbH in 2005 and was responsible for Governance of National and EU funding projects and coordination of scientific R&D projects. He coordinated together with professors the influenza project transfer from the Universities to Activaero on behalf of Ventaleon.
In addition, Rolf obtained certified training by the Federal Association of Medical Technology as a Medical Product Advisor and by RKW as Data Protection Representative.



Lorraine Callaway,  Clinical Team Assistant Lorraine Callaway, Clinical Team Assistant

Lorraine is an experienced Legal Secretary with more than 10 years experience in business and administration and is a native English speaker. She joined Activaero in 2014 where she worked as Clinical Team Assistant responsible for the maintenance of the Trial Master File for two successful asthma studies and for the influenza program first proof of concept study which was successfully finalized in 2015. Loraine started her assignment for Ventaleon in 2016. 
She gained experience in regulatory inspections and qualified in GCP Guidelines and ISO: 14155.


Karin Caspar, (Personal Assistant to Gerhard Scheuch Karin Caspar, Personal Assistant to Ulrich Dauer

Karin is a qualified Industrial Business Management Assistant, she has acquired more than 20 years' experience in business and administration. She joined Activaero in 2011 as Assistant to the Management Board and after the acquisition by Vectura Group plc in March 2014 as Executive Assistant and joint Ventaleon in 2016.
Also, Karin obtained a certified training as Management Assistant and Medical Product Advisor.